Why should you repair your oriental rug? There are several reasons you should fix or repair your rug.

The oriental rug you purchased is an expensive rug and you love that rug. It was an investment you made because you loved it, you loved the style and you really don’t want to replace it.

It will cost you more money to replace or buy a brand new rug. It will cost you a lot less amount of money when contact Pars Gallery of Fine Rugs to repair that rug you love, and we can make it look good as new.

Contact us today for an estimate to have that beautiful rug brought back to life!

Pars Gallery Rug Repairs include:

  • Re-weaving holes, slits, tears
  • Re-piling threadbare areas
  • Repairing burn marks
  • Rug fringe repair, level and stopping ends
  • Rug side cord and border repairs
  • Moth damage prevention and moth damage repairs
  • Family pets and pest damage repairs

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