We clean all types of rugs. We do hand-wash process to clean each rug. We deodorize and remove any pet stains, etc.

Cleaning Process:

1. We inspect the rug to see what kind of rug it is, because each type of rug has a different to clean. Some rugs are either hand made, matching made, or pure silk. There are even rugs that are antique and vegetable dyed.

2. We vacuum both sides of the rug and also dust it out. We use a dusting machine to make sure all of the dust is out of the rugs.

3. The rug is ready to go after the dusting and vacuuming, we clean every rug by hand.
after the rug is washed we have to extract the water from the rug, after that the rug is going to the dry process which is natural air.

4. We remove all germs and sanitize your rug thoroughly.

5. When the rug is totally dry its ready to go back to your house.